Latitude’s high volume fabrication capabilities allow us to create multiple parts in a short amount of time. Some of our unique processes that give us quick turn-around on large or small part quantities include:

  • Robotic Forming
  • Robotic Welding
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Conventional CNC Press Brakes and Welders
  • Appliance Grade Stainless Blending



Latitude’s high volume stamping presses range from 5 to 200 tons and our tool design team is ready to meet your specifications. In addition, we operate two coil lines running progressive dies that can handle up to 2.5’ x 4’ die sets.


Latitude has a wide range of CNC machinery and state-of-the-art equipment used to produce a variety of high quality precision parts. Our machinery capabilities include 5-axis milling, vertical and horizontal axis milling, and turning machining centers with live tooling and sub-spindles. In addition, we have an assortment of standard machine tools.


Latitude offers a variety of welding options such as MIG, TIG, robotic wire-feed TIG, Robotic MIG, spot welding, and MIL-SPEC aluminum spot welding. All of our welders are certified.

Finish & Coating

Latitude has the in-house capabilities to provide the following Finish and Coating Services:

  • Powder Coating provides an attractive uniform appearance with a tough finish.
  • Liquid Paint is a good option for plastic parts and parts requiring chemical inertness.

We also provide outsourced treatments and finishes such as stainless steel passivation, stress relieving, heat treating, conversion coatings, anodizing, electroplating, electroless nickel plate, etc.