Fabricator 3

Job Title: Fabricator 3

Position Reports to: Fabrication Foreman

Pay Classification: Non-Exempt

Education and Experience Requirement: At least 5 years of experience in similar function

Skills Required:
• Ability to set-up and run jobs (including first time runs) Safely, and within quality and efficiency expectations on all of One Process using the following equipment; all Punches, Waterjet, Lasers, Brakes, or Robotic Brakes, plus meet Fabricator level 1-2 standards.
• Considerable knowledge to perform routine and preventative maintenance and upkeep of equipment and instruments used.
• Ability to read, understand and explain blueprints and GD&T.
• Ability to interpret data from manual measurements and make adjustments to processes to achieve dimensional and visual compliance
• Ability to write and edit programs at the machine and using our CAD CAM system if trained.
• Possess good math skills, ability to read calipers, micrometers and associated measuring equipment.
• Basic computer and writing skills.
• Must have ability to visually inspect parts to company aesthetic standards.
• Ability to assist in driving continuous improvement through improving the processes, reducing cycle time, reducing setup time, and other methods as needed
• Have experience in fixture design and manufacture.
• Ability to work independently and multi-task.

Minimum Job Requirements:
• Physical- capable of lifting 50 lbs. safely or with assistance. Capability of standing and bending over for long periods of time while performing manual labor with or without reasonable accommodations.
• Ability to visually and physically inspect parts to company dimensional and aesthetic standards
• Working Hours- fulltime
• Personal Traits- Excellent communication skills with positive teamwork and safety attitude. Conscientious attention to detail and accuracy while able to multi-task and trouble shoot. Possess the willingness and ability to effectively pass on personal fabrication knowledge with fellow employees of lesser ability.

Level of Responsibility and Authority:
Responsible for using furnished tools, such as CNC programs, job set-up sheets, job travelers, and a current part prints to establish tooling and machine set-ups that will produce parts that run safely, efficiently, and consistent enough to meet or exceed the customer’s requirements. Responsible for creating programs and fixture design and manufacture as assigned. Authority to manufacture parts as per job traveler. Authority to drive company forklift if trained. Responsible for producing quality workmanship, which meets or exceeds requirements.

Job Duties: 
• Work safely and ensure hazardous conditions are eliminated. Follow company safety procedures.
• Follow all company policies as outlined in the handbook and other company documents
• Ensure the highest quality standards are met with all work done.
• Ensure output meets required deadlines while executing above.
• Ensure ISO/AS quality system and safety procedures are followed.
• Ensure all tools required to complete job are supplied.
• Set-up and run all jobs per above. (including first time runs)
• Write and edit programs at the machine as needed. Also using our CAD CAM system.
• Fixture design and manufacture.
• Work independently and multi-task.
• Perform routine and preventative maintenance and upkeep of fabrication department equipment and tooling.
• Ensure departmental communication is accurate and effective.
• Audit of work completed to ensure highest quality standards.
• Arrive to work in a punctual manner and be willing to work overtime when needed.
• Accurately maintain MES system as instructed.
• Assist in monthly inventory process.
• Maintain neat and clean work area.
• Other ad hoc duties as assigned.

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