100% Employee-Owned ESOP

About Us

Our Vision

To be our customers’ first choice partner for creative solutions.

Our Mission

To provide complete metal product solutions from concept to consumption.

Latitude Corp. was founded in 1990 as a machine shop in a garage in Middleton, WI with just a Bridgeport milling machine and a vision to be a vertically-integrated metal solutions provider. Less than a year later, growth forced the business to move to a 2,000 sq ft leased building, and 2 years later it moved to a 10,000 sq ft leased facility where it expanded into sheet metal fabrication and powder coating. In 1995, Latitude entered into a relationship with a major appliance manufacturer and started construction on a 30,000 sq ft building on Venture Court in Verona.

By the early 2000’s, growth drove Latitude back to leasing additional buildings.  Then, in 2004 it broke ground on a 130,000 sq ft building on American Way in Verona where it is currently headquartered. In 2007, Latitude Corp. started diversifying into Aerospace and Defense and won its first Defense contract with a large, prime contractor. In support of a major commercial customer, Latitude built a 56,000 sq ft facility in Tucson, AZ in 2008.  

Our Values

In 2010, Latitude Corp became ISO 9000 certified. In 2015, it won a large Defense contract and became AS9100 certified in 2016. Also, in 2016, Latitude established Wisconsin Finishes, LLC in response to a customer request for Chem Film and Passivation, which has since expanded to include Anodizing.  By 2019, the vision was fully realized with machining, fabrication, welding, grinding, stamping, assembly, powder and conversion coating, making Latitude a highly vertical metal solutions provider.

But the story doesn’t end there. The time had come for the owner to step into retirement. There were many options he could have chosen, but he chose the option that would be the most beneficial to the employees and the customers, while maintaining the values and roots of the company. He sold the business to the employees in 2019, creating a 100% Employee-Owned ESOP. This allows the Latitude Corp. legacy to live on.

Our Roots

Tackling the difficult designs and making them a reality.
Doing what others can’t do, or can’t do to our level of perfection.
Putting a finish on products that can’t be duplicated easily, if at all.
Establishing a reputation for producing and delivering the highest quality product at a good value.
Running a clean, orderly shop environment.
Being responsive to customers.
Embracing and rewarding curiosity.

Latitude Corp.

is a Green Business!

We’re dedicated to protecting, preserving and sustaining our environment.

Latitude Corp. is making a concerted effort to reduce our impact on the environment by implementing sustainable practices into its manufacturing processes and throughout the company. From a 50 kW photovoltaic solar system to supplement our energy demands, recycling tanks to minimize our waste stream disposals, and the capture and reuse of machine oils to the use of smart lighting systems and the recycling of office, stainless steel and aluminum waste we are working together to shrink Latitude’s carbon footprint and preserve the planet for future generations.