100% Employee-Owned ESOP



Latitude Corp. has the resources to design and implement precise, accurate parts that the construction industry demands.

Our experienced team uses the latest technology and equipment to produce quality metal components that can withstand the rigors of the industry. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and provide them with cost-effective solutions that meet their deadlines and budgets.

Our Capabilities

We create precisely cut components to fit a vast portfolio of industrial manufacturers.

Our assemblies arrive in their final finished state: inspected, cleaned and packaged.

Our unique processes allow us to create a high volume of parts in a short amount of time.

We offer a variety of welding options such as MIG, TIG, robotic wire-feed TIG and more.

We utilize a range of bending equipment including press brakes and roll benders.

Our precision metal stamping solutions help your product reach its full potential.

Finishing techniques that add value through protection from the elements. 

Our team is highly experienced in the latest inspection and engineering techniques.


Latitude Corp. is a vertically integrated manufacturing company committed to providing the most comprehensive range of value-added services for our customers. From concept to delivery, we are an organization that provides a collaborative effort in reducing costs by improving manufacturability.