Finish & Coating

Latitude has the in-house capabilities to provide the following Finish and Coating Services:

Powder Coat

Some advantages of powder coating over conventional paint are: Tougher finish, zero (or near zero) VOC emissions, thicker coatings can be applied without running or sagging, a more homogeneous appearance, and a wide variety of specialty effects available (Latitude offers both batch and conveyor operations in WI and conveyor operations only in AZ).

Liquid Paint (WI facility only)

Powder coating and electrocoating technologies provide excellent performance and durability. However, when working with non-metallic substrates such as plastics, many times the appropriate finish method is liquid painting because powder coating and electrocoating technology require curing at temperatures that can damage or distort the parts. Liquid painting is also a good option for finishing assembled components and parts requiring chemical inertness where powder coating and electrocoating may not be possible. Liquid painting can provide protection to parts made of many different materials like steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and composite materials. Smooth or textured finishes are available in a wide variety of color choices.

As part of our turn-key product service, we provide outsourced treatments and finishes such as stainless steel passivation, stress relieving, heat treating, conversion coatings, anodizing, electroplating, electroless nickel plate, etc.