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Finish & Coating

Latitude Corp. has in-house capabilities to provide, powder coating, liquid paint finishes, and conversion coating.

Powder coating is a widely popular choice for many applications. Its benefits include a tough finish, little or no VOC emissions, the ability to apply thick coatings without running or sagging, and the option to achieve effects like metallic and textured finishes. While powder coating and electrocoating technologies provide excellent performance and durability, they require curing at temperatures that can damage or distort certain materials. When working with non-metallic substrates, such as plastics, and finished assembled components, many times the appropriate finish method is liquid painting.

We offer both batch and conveyor operations for class A powder coating at our Wisconsin facility, and conveyor operations for class A powder coating at our Arizona location. At this time, our liquid paint and specialty coating finish services are exclusive to our Wisconsin facility.

Metal Finishing

As part of our turn-key product service, we also provide anodizing, chem-film, and stainless passivation.

  • Anodizing Sulfuric acid type II class 1 (clear) and class 2 (UV resistant black) per MIL-A-8625F
  • Chem-film conversion coating using tri-valent chrome meeting ELV, RoHS, and WEEE per MIL-DTL-5541 type II class 1A and 3
  • Stainless steel passivation using citric acid per AMS2700 method 2/ ASTM-A967 Citric 2
  • Masking and plugging with tape, custom die-cut stickers, and various silicone plugs

Our Capabilities

Latitude Corp. is a vertically integrated manufacturing company committed to providing the most comprehensive range of value-added services for our customers. From concept to delivery, we are an organization that provides a collaborative effort in reducing costs by improving manufacturability.

We provide a variety of services including welding, finishing, bending, steel metal fabrication, metal stamping and much more. Industries we serve include agriculture, automotive, EV, power sports, marine, healthcare, and energy.