100% Employee-Owned ESOP


Mid to high volume part assemblies are our specialty.

Latitude Corp. is an industry leader in assembly services to meet your demands.  Our value-added approach provides you with cost saving opportunities, eliminating the need for additional service providers.  Whether your needs require complexity or precision, our skilled team is ready to help.


Latitude Corp has been completing mechanical assemblies for decades.  From nuts and bolts to riveting, our dedicated assembly team is trained and ready to partner with you today.

  • Automated assembly operations
  • Insertion processing
  • Riveting
  • Power tooling
  • Silk screening
  • Rubber stamping

Our Capabilities

Latitude Corp. is a vertically integrated manufacturing company committed to providing the most comprehensive range of value-added services for our customers. From concept to delivery, we are an organization that provides a collaborative effort in reducing costs by improving manufacturability.

We provide a variety of services including welding, finishing, bending, steel metal fabrication, metal stamping and much more. Industries we serve include agriculture, automotive, EV, power sports, marine, healthcare, and energy.