Robotic Forming

Latitude’s robotic press brakes allow for incredible dimensional repeatability that is very difficult to obtain with conventional hand-fed machines. Our Amada Astros are automatic robotic bending systems integrated with 110-ton hydraulic press brakes. They are completely unmanned robotic bending systems, and are designed for exceptional repeatability and high-precision part productivity through reduced cycle times. The robots utilize the entire length of ram allowing flexible multiple stage bending.

Robotic Welding

Latitude’s Panasonic robotic MIG and TIG welding systems reduce cycle time and offer superior welds that are difficult to obtain with manual welding. This unique system supports high-speed welding, and offers better control over the welding process resulting in excellent repeatability. In most cases, post weld grinding is not necessary.

Water Jet Cutting

Latitude’s abrasive water jet cutting machine can handle materials such as aluminum, copper, glass, mild steel, stainless steel, titanium & marble. Benefits include high accuracy, no heat input, ideal for non-metallics and super alloys, thick cross sections, large 5’ x 10’ table size, fast cutting times and low distortion.

Appliance Grade Stainless Blending

Stainless Steel Fabrication has always been a niche at Latitude. From our state-of-the-art cutting technologies to our welding and polishing department, we provide seamless appliance grade stainless steel blending.