Acoustical Ceilings for Churches, Auditoriums & Concert Halls

Latitude provides synergy between acoustic functionality and elegance. We provide specialty soundproofing and noise control products for acoustical ceilings and mechanical systems. Our acoustic reflective panel system provides adjustable, directional sound reflection with amazing results. Functioning as an adjustable reflective surface or cloud, these panels enable acoustic tuning of spaces. The pre-finished panels are ready to install when they arrive. Size, shape and finish are all customer specified to accommodate their specific performance and aesthetic requirements. Latitude also provides a line of customizable acoustic diffusion / absorption panels.


For access to equipment located in the ceiling, Latitude provides custom catwalks, stairways, platforms and ladders fabricated from various metals such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel. All access structures are built to OSHA, ANSI and ASME standards. We evaluate your design needs and personnel safety in all of our access structure designs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Architectural Elements

Many of Latitude’s acoustical systems are elegant architectural structures, and they add a new dimension wherever installed. Ask about our custom options that will not only ensure excellent sound quality, but will also provide an attractive overall environment. We can help you create a peaceful calming feel, add Wow to any space, or create any feel in between.

In addition to our acoustic product lines, Latitude has contributed to the art and architecture world by creating distinctive architectural features such as large scale sculpture pieces and stylish railing systems.

Custom Built

Latitude provides custom built acoustic systems and architectural pieces for our customers. Whatever parameters drive your specifications, whether it’s aesthetics, sound absorption, sound reflection, sound feature adjustability, accessibility, colors, materials, sizes, etc., we can accommodate your needs.