Defense Contracting

Approved Supplier

Latitude is currently an approved supplier of parts and assemblies to major defense contractors. We have provided precision machining, fabrication, assembly and coating services to numerous primary firms involved in military and aerospace applications, and we comply with ITAR requirements.

Providing a Variety of Products to Defense Contractors

Latitude specializes in the manufacture of metal structural components, sheet metal parts, close-toleranced machined parts as well as finished assemblies for the defense (and commercial) aerospace markets. Machined parts and assemblies are manufactured from titanium, nickel based alloys, heat-treatable steels, cold-rolled steel, aluminum and a variety of plastics.

Assembly & Coating

Latitude has the capability to supply our customers with turn-key finished assemblies, thus reducing customer assembly time and cost. We also provide in-house military coatings, as well as a variety of commercial aerospace grade coatings.